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Simple VoC Moon Calendar

2.98 usd

It is an application that displays Void of Course(VoC) Moon.Available until 2019.◆About Void of Course MoonIt is said that time zone in which the influence of the moon is disabled in based on astrology.
It is important to note this time,- Don't decide important things.- Don't begin a new thing.- Don't make a new plan.- Don't trade a stock, FX, etc.- Don't make an expensive shopping.- Avoid the departure of the trip at this time.- Prone to quarrel with others.- Mistake-prone.and so on.
◆Difference between a lite version- Data of Void of Course Moon is prerecorded until 2019.(It is viewable by current year and anteroposterior one year)- You can use a widget until 2019. (Notification and alarm function are usable too)- Advertising hide.
* After 2020, it is scheduled for release in a different package.* The time zone uses setting of your Android.
The wallpaper used by the screenshot is this.↓Premade BG 101 by ~Brenda-Starr~